How To Book A Picnic


Need a picnic planned by professionals? Just sign up with us on our website to get started or simply call us for guidance and we’ll set up a memorable event for you.


Your choice and our execution! We deliver the picnic setup of your choice and requirements, wherever you want us to. Simply choose your event along with the date so we can get started.


Choose the picnic plan you want! We offer you a wide array of luxury and upscale pop-up picnic packages to suit your needs and budget. Choose from a wide range of picnics and themes.


Once you pick the package you want and confirm the event date, our team will reconfirm the details with you and start planning a memorable picnic.


After event confirmation, we will require you to make a payment so your order can be catered to within the given timeframe and delivered promptly.


After we receive the payment, your order will be processed and you will receive a confirmation call from our end to confirm the details of your event.


That’s it! Your work is done. Now it’s our turn to deliver on our promise. So just sit back, relax and plan on enjoying your picnic. 

We love arranging picnics and we will make sure your event is so amazing that it becomes the talk of the town!

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